LAS Alumni Spotlight – Ruth Appleton

Alumni Spotlight – Ruth Appleton Name: Ruth Appleton  Undergraduate Major: Philosophy & History  Graduation Year: 2006  Current Job Title: Human Resources Consultant  Current Employer: Iowa State University (HR Department)    What was your undergraduate experience like at Iowa State University?    College can be an excellent thing for many people; one of those people is Ruth Appleton. Ruth … Continue reading LAS Alumni Spotlight – Ruth Appleton

All about LAS 203: Professional Career Preparation

What is LAS 203?  LAS 203 is a quick one-credit, satisfactory/fail, 8-week course that teaches students various helpful and essential skills.  At the end of LAS 203, students will have a solid plan to make their dream career a reality after graduation! As I said earlier, this course is satisfactory/fail, so there is no letter grade attached. That should … Continue reading All about LAS 203: Professional Career Preparation

What Can I Do With My Major?

Finding a career that interests you is easy but figuring out what career you want to pursue after college can be scary and stressful. If only there was an easy way to see what careers are an option with your degree… oh wait, there is! The LAS Career Services has an interactive database with LAS alumni graduation data. This database allows you … Continue reading What Can I Do With My Major?

LAS Alumni Spotlight – Samantha Britt

Alumni Spotlight – Samantha Britt     Name: Samantha Britt   Undergrad Major: Communication Studies and Public Relations with Leadership Certificate.   Graduated: 2019   Current Job Title: HR Generalist   Current Employer: Palmer Food Services    Life is all about taking significant steps and putting yourself out there. After hearing what Samantha says about her experience and journey after Iowa State University, she did just … Continue reading LAS Alumni Spotlight – Samantha Britt

CyHire Job Hunting

How to Find a Job Through CyHire  Finding a job can be stressful—especially while you are in college! Sure, you may have your resume polished, but when it comes to researching and seeking out job postings, it can be hard! There are a lot of job postings! Lucky for you, CyHire is ready to help you find … Continue reading CyHire Job Hunting

Dealing with Rejection

The in-person career fairs are over and virtual career fairs are today! You survived and totally nailed it! Now what? Whether you went to the career fair solely for networking and making connections, gathering information, or met with an employer/organization and applied for an internship/full-time position—it’s time to follow-up. Following-up is very important, it shows … Continue reading Dealing with Rejection