ASC to the Rescue

CATEGORIES: Student Tips

As the new school year continues and you advance in your college career, tests and courses may seem to keep getting more and more challenging. Have you found yourself struggling in classes, or you maybe weren’t able to study as well as you had hoped? Well have no fear, Iowa State’s Academic Success Center (ASC) has your back, and can supply you with the tools you may need to succeed in all of your classes. Below is a list of all of the services the center offers, as well as information you may need even if you aren’t struggling in school.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a free academic support program that allows for undergraduate students who have previously taken a challenging course, to hold study sessions, three times a week, to students who are currently enrolled. This allows for questions to be answered, and explained by someone who is more relatable to the student. SI sessions are very helpful because material can be broken down and explained in more detail.

Academic Coaching is a one-on-one process where a student works with a coach in order to determine their academic need and which areas they need to improve upon. This is useful for someone who may like individual attention, and works better when they can focus on their specific area of need. Coaches can provide students with support in several areas, including time management and test preparation, as well as how to take notes in classes.

0127 Curtiss is one of the most popular lecture halls on campus. The Academic Success Center
0127 Curtiss is one of the most popular lecture halls on campus. The Academic Success Center's services can help you succeed in any class!

Tutoring Services are similar to academic coaching but instead of focusing on test preparation and classes in general, the student can focus on one subject and go over the material being learned. This is generally helpful when you realize that a class may be more difficult than anticipated, or you do not understand information being taught.

Workshops and Presentations can range anywhere from presentations about the center to study tips that every student can utilize. Workshops are given with knowledge about learning academic skills and other helpful tips.

The ASC offers more than just tutoring sessions and supplemental instruction, for the student who may not be looking for human interaction for help, they can use any of the academic resources that are also provided. These include:

Exam preparation and test anxiety

Time management and procrastination

Study skills and goal setting

Help rooms, study locations, and campus resources

Iowa State’s Academic Success Center is located in the Hixson-Lied Student Success Center building, located across from the Maple, Willow, Larch Residence Halls. If you would like more information visit their website!