Jobs, Classes, and Studies, oh my

When I made my decision to go to Iowa State, the last thing on my mind was getting a job; however, after my first semester of college and a lot of online shopping, I knew I needed to do something increase my cash flow. I always wanted an on-campus job, mostly because I knew that if I worked on campus, the people I would be working under would understand that being a student comes first. I have worked at a restaurant in my hometown since I was 16 and as much as I enjoy serving, the busiest times are on nights and weekends. I knew as a college student I wouldn’t be able to juggle going to classes all day and then serving until 10 or 11 at night. I constantly searched for a a job on campus by looking at the student job board on AccessPlus any chance I could.

"Iowa State Admissions, how can I help you?"
"Iowa State Admissions, how can I help you?"
Since my freshman year at ISU, i’ve worked at another restaurant and a before and after school program for kids, but I still wanted to find an on campus job for my last two years of college. This year, after checking the student job board every day during the summer months, I found the perfect on-campus job for me. I take calls from prospective students who have questions about the university and I love it! Having an on-campus job allows for me to go home at 5 pm and get homework done all night, which is great when I have papers to write or tests to study for. It also lets me work with other students, which is an awesome way to meet friends! If you want to get a job on campus, whether it be through ISU Dining or a department that intrigues you, make sure to check on AccessPlus for the various opportunities Iowa State has to offer when it comes to working on campus!