Famous People at Iowa State

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One of the many great benefits of attending a university like Iowa State is the large name attractions that come through to visit. Over the years there have been many famous people to visit that range from political candidates such as all the 2016 Presidential nominees to well-known actors such as Josh Hutcherson from the Hunger Games.
Some famous people that have came to visit within in the last week to reflect this are the famous feminist icon Gloria Steinem and the rap artist Waka Flocka Flame. Both of these well know figures held events on October 11, 2016; these events did receive large student turnouts and both were examples of the large scale events that Iowa State is able to put on throughout the academic year.
The Waka Flocka Flame concert began around 8:00 pm with special guests Narada Sauti and Mike Floss opening before Flame. The concert starting off very well for the large audience in attendance at the Hansen Agricultural Center. When it came time for Flame’s performance he was cut short. Students were able to hear quite a few of his popular songs before the event was shut down by the Student Union Board due to reports, from members in attendance, of the event being ‘rowdy’.

Waka Flocka Flame
Waka Flocka Flame's performance was too much fun

As for the Gloria Steinem, this event went off with a roaring success among students. Students not only were able to listen to Steinem speak about equality for women and men, but were able to get her book signed by her after the event. Gloria Steinem did say some very impacting quotes such as this quote from her reported by the Iowa State Daily, “The key is not saying why don’t they ever do something,” Steinem said. “The key is saying, ‘What am I doing?’ That is our power, that is our communication with one another, our fun, our community.”
For the non Waka fans, Gloria Steinem gave a very impactful speech
For the non Waka fans, Gloria Steinem gave a very impactful speech

The well known name of Iowa State University does bring the benefit of meeting more impacting people in our society, and helps to continue to inspire our students to become impacting people for others as well.