Leave Your LegaCY

Homecoming season is upon us. During a quick stroll through Greekland you can see all the lawn displays that fraternities and sororities have been working so hard on. This Friday afternoon you can see the stage being set up for Yell Like Hell and the tent going up for Food On Central Campus. This weekend we’ll start to see student clubs and organizations setting their signs up outside Catt Hall showcasing their cyclone spirit. Homecoming is always an exciting time at Iowa State to “Leave Your LegaCY” from the Homecoming Parade on Sunday all the way up through the Homecoming football game the following Saturday.

Stroll across the north side of central campus to check out everybody
Stroll across the north side of central campus to check out everybody's hard work

So many great events happen during homecoming, I couldn’t possibly tell you about all of them. Be sure to check out the Iowa State Alumni Association’s Homecoming website for a complete list of events. Here are just a few of my favorite traditions that come to life during homecoming week:

Food on Central Campus. Now Central Campus is definitely the place to go for food all throughout the warm months of the year. Homecoming is a great time to make sure you get the best food before it gets too cold for food outside towards the end of the semester. You can purchase a button for $5 and enjoy Hickory Park, Panera, Jimmy John’s and more for 6 days. I’m not too great at math but I’m do know that’s less than a dollar a meal and that is very exciting because food is always exciting.

Yell Like Hell. For those who can’t contain their exCYtement for Iowa State University, Yell Like Hell is a great place to showcase it. This uniquely Iowa State event is the center of school spirit. From the beginning of the semester students work on creating skits revolving around the Homecoming theme. While I’ve never participated on a team, I have gotten to see everybody’s hard work. My favorite thing to watch is after the first round when all the performers get painted from head to toe in cardinal and gold for their performances. This year’s performances will not disappoint.

YLH students truly go all out when it comes to painting and school spirit
YLH students truly go all out when it comes to painting and school spirit

Mass Campaniling. A classic tradition of Iowa State. Everybody knows that you don’t become a true Iowa State student until you’ve been kissed under the campanile at midnight. Mass campaniling happens the Friday night of homecoming week and is the time where several people become true Iowa State students. For those of us without a significant other, mass campaniling is still a fun event to attend. The marching band plays, fireworks go off, and best of all there’s free pancakes – again, food is the real way to my heart.

THE GAME. No discussion of homecoming would be complete without mentioning the game. The Alumni Association hosts a tailgate that is free to attend (with food at an additional cost). Typical Cyclone games are pretty high energy so homecoming really takes the cake. Being surrounded by your friends who currently go to Iowa State and alumni who have great memories from their time here is really something special. This year Iowa State is playing Kansas State and no matter the outcome, everyone is bound to have the time of their life.