So, You’re Visiting Iowa State

As fall comes to an end, spring gets closer… and what does that mean? College visit season is ramping up. Whether it’s visiting a certain college because they have your specific major, or going to a college because it’s a fresh new start, you want to choose what’s right for you. Visiting a college as a Junior or Senior in high school may seem a little scary. However, with these visit day tips, you will get the most out of your visit, and can get the information you need to make your decision.

Tip #1: Check when tours and information sessions are on the admissions website, so you don’t miss any important ones that may pertain to your major or area of interest. The tour times may change, so it’s always important make sure you have the right times.

Tip #2: Look up classes that interest you, and if you can go see some lecture rooms, that’s important too! By seeing all of the courses that the college has to offer, you can decide if you can see yourself taking those. In addition to classrooms, you’ll have the opportunity to see different residence hall room styles, you can determine if the learning and learning environment is good for you. The housing website has really good information on the different types of residence halls Iowa State offers.

Tip #3: Explore the campus on your own. Try to get a feel for the campus, and the surrounding community. It’s important to not only like the vibe that the college has to offer, but see if the area around it has activities that would benefit you as well.

Make sure to grab a campus map so you know where you
Make sure to grab a campus map so you know where you're going during your visit!

Tip #4: Check out current events — whether this be a student newspaper or fliers posted around the campus. This is a great way to see what is going on and get a better feel for the school, its activities, and student conversations.

Tip #5: ASK QUESTIONS — this may be the most important. If you don’t ask questions, you may leave feeling that you don’t know all of the information, which can lead to ill advised decisions when choosing the right college for you. More importantly, ask current students around campus, this allows for REAL answers, not ones just required to be said.

With these tips, you should get to feel more comfortable for your future visit and finding out information about the school. Whether it’s Iowa State University or another school that you have your heart set on, now you can know that you have found the right one for you!