Thankful Ambassadors

CATEGORIES: Day in the life

As soon as Thanksgiving break hit, the next day it seemed to be already over. Many students went home to their families, and ate to their hearts content. Others went on vacations, ranging from the West Coast to the East Coast and in between. I for one, wish that I could have partook in a vacation, but no complaining here, as I had yummy food, and much to be thankful for. Here are five things that all of us can be thankful for at Iowa State, as we wait for the next break.

1) Our beautiful campus is one that is recognized across the nation. Whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter, there is always something pretty to look at. We should be thankful for the ability to be able to hammock in trees, see an albino squirrel, or just lay around in the grass on campus.

2) Meal bundles are something unique to Iowa State. Yes, every college campus has dining plans and food for the go, but do they have the same chicken tenders from conversations, or Clydes? No. Iowa State offers students a great option, especially when hunger strikes late at night.

Chicken Tenders and desert are things that should always be thanked
Chicken Tenders and desert are things that should always be thanked

3) Orange 23 is not only convenient, but it is fast. We should all be thankful for Cyride as it comes frequently and takes us to all of the desired destinations of freezing cold days. This will especially be needed as winter approaches and snow begins to fall.

4) Cyclone sports, do I need to say more? Whether it’s the football team making touchdowns, or the basketball team scoring baskets, the spirit that is present at Iowa State sporting events is like no other.

5) The students and the environment on campus are something that only happens because of the people surrounding it. At Iowa State, students can be who they want to be, and have the opportunity to grow in their career endeavors. We should be thankful for all that Iowa State has to offer us.

What are you thankful for at Iowa State?