Preparing for Dead Week/Finals Week

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It’s hard to imagine that this semester is already coming to a close. As a junior, I have experienced the stress of finals week a few times and I can tell you that there is nothing better than that feeling of relief after taking your last test of the week. It can be challenging to juggle multiple assignments and tests all in one week, so here are a few suggestions to prepare you for an easy breezy finals week.

1.) Take advantage of Dead Week
Professors go pretty easy on you during the week before finals, but don’t go super easy on yourself. The reason they don’t assign homework is not because they’re sick of teaching; they want you to be prepared for the big week ahead. Another misconception is that there is no class during dead week (at least that’s the impression I got when I came here), but that’s more than often not the case; however, if you don’t have class during dead week, use it to your advantage as a time for preparation! Dead week is also nice because clubs and student organizations are not able to have meetings. This is great news for involved students because it basically means you don’t have any extracurricular responsibiliteis! Even more time to prepare for those final exams and projects.

2.) Sleep is SO important
It’s crucial to practice self care during these last two weeks of the semester. That means getting plenty of sleep. I’ve heard too many stories of people pulling all-nighters and missing their 8 am test because they slept through it. Coffee can only do so much, so take care of yourself and catch those zzzz’s.

3.) It’s going to be okay!
Grades are important but they don’t define you. Whether this is your first finals week or your last, use your time wisely and keep your head up! You got this.

"Victory is in having done your best. If you’ve done your best, you’ve won"

-Bill Bowerman