Cuddling with a body pillow drinking off-brand hot chocolate while watching a romantic comedy. If you’ve ever been single on Valentine’s Day, I’m sure you sympathize with this scenario…at least on some level.

Valentine’s Day while being single is the ultimate middle finger from the universe. For the people in relationships, it’s a chance to do something special for their significant other. For people like me, who’s Facebook relationship status is, “alone forever,” Valentine’s Day is an excuse to cheat a diet, snuggle with my couch and watch anything I want on Netflix without fear of being questioned.

The biggest benefit I get out of Valentine’s Day is the day immediately after. Chocolate is marked down generously, giant teddy bears for my dog are a dime a dozen and Valentine’s Day is officially over! People in relationships are so exhausted from the effort exerted the day before, they stop talking about their significant other completely. Bliss.

While I know I sound pessimistic about the concept of Valentine’s Day, allow me to reassure you. I love Valentine’s Day. It’s a specific day on the calendar where people are basically required to do something special for their partner (that they honestly should be doing at least once a week anyway), you get to eat amazing treats without worrying about the consequences and it’s a great, although cliché, day to reveal your feelings for that special someone. Throw caution to the wind, the worst that could happen is they say no.

The problem I have with Valentine’s Day though is the “get out of jail free card” people see it as. For me, people shouldn’t use Valentine’s Day as the one, big day to treat their person special. Sure, take them out to dinner, buy them something sweet and remind them they’ve got your heart. But why not do that every day? I’m aware it’s taxing, can get mildly annoying and may not be in your budget, but most of us are in college. Let’s be real, your significant other isn’t dating you for the money. They’re dating you because of how they feel around you.

What I’m trying to say is don’t let Valentine’s Day be the “one and done.” Take your lady out to dinner, surprise your man with a present that’s really for him, hell, stay in together for a night alone binge watching Shameless. You do you. Just don’t forget your relationship isn’t for a day. Take the lessons you learn February 14th and try to apply them to your daily relationship for the next 365 days. Both you and your significant other will come out much better because of it.

If you haven’t read Alexis’ blog post for Valentine’s Day, you need to. She opens up about the insecurities that come with Valentine’s Day and a new relationship while really putting herself out there in her writing. Her insight is straight from the heart and I think anyone can understand what she’s feeling so give it a read!