The Start of Something New


Valentine’s day is a holiday that is favored by some and hated by others. It can be viewed as a great way to express love, or as a way for those in relationships to rub their relationship in others’ faces. To me, Valentine’s Day is a day to show the one’s close to you how much you love and appreciate them. This Valentine’s Day is the first one I will be celebrating in college with new friends and a new boyfriend.

Being a freshman in college, I have a good number of friends who are dating people they met during their first few months here at ISU and I am one of them. I met my boyfriend Ryan Halloween weekend on campus through mutual friends. We’ve been almost inseparable since. Most of our nights are spent watching movies or getting dinner at a dining center on campus. Though it’s only been a few months I like to think I know him and what he likes pretty well.

It’s a little intimidating celebrating "firsts" of things with someone new, especially holidays. You don’t want to get them something they’ll totally hate or go way over the top and feel like you didn’t receive the same amount of love in return. I’m playing it safe and making Ryan’s Valentine’s Day gifts. Few of the ideas I had were covering a giant letter ‘R’ in pictures of us or filling a mason jar with date ideas since we’re both very indecisive. It seems like a safer route since it’s still early enough in the relationship that it’s hard to know what the other really likes. I’m worried that he isn’t going to like them, but if he doesn’t I know he won’t tell me.

There can be all kinds of insecurities coming into a new relationship ranging from gift giving or meeting family, but all-in-all it’s really the thought that counts, right? I think so.

If you’re looking for a perspective from someone single on Valentine’s Day, go check out my friend Jake’s blog post! He took quite a few punches at Valentine’s Day but his underlying message is something to think about for sure.