St. Patrick’s Day as an Extremely Irish Girl


I cannot speak for families all over the United States or World. However, I can speak for mine. I come from a deeply-rooted Irish background. The one thing that I have been aware of my entire life, especially on the Irish side of my family, is the fact that family matters more than anything else in the entire world. Some people don’t know who their first cousins, or second cousins are. In my family, I know and am close to sixth or seventh or eighth cousins. No matter how far out you are, if you are family, you matter and are important. I think that fact has been the biggest blessing in my life. We do many large family gatherings; however, the St. Patrick’s Day party is by far my favorite. St. Patrick’s Day is one that my family takes great pride in, for not only our family, but our heritage as well. As a family we celebrate with lots of great food, some colored green (like butter), and drinks. We sing lots of Irish songs, dance, and have a good time. I cannot imagine not being in a family that celebrates this holiday. It is filled with happiness and love in my family. It’s just another reason to come together and be proud to be Irish. On St. Patrick’s Day, one of the main rules is, you must wear some sort of green all day long, or you run the risk of being pinched. So even if you aren’t Irish, I would wear green, just in case! I know every family is different, and mine is by no means perfect. They are the loudest, most embarrassing group of people you could put together. St. Patrick’s Day is a day that I look forward to every year because it is an extra reminder of how great being in an Irish family is. So to close this up, what I want you to gather is, always be thankful of who you are and where you come from. Find reasons to be together and celebrate. Life is entirely too short to not be crazy and embarrassing to those you love. Have a great St. Patrick’s Day and remember, green is a must!