Get informed on Student Government elections!

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Hey everyone. I’m back with another Student Government blog. Last week I talked about the importance of voting in elections. What I failed to mention, however, is how to educate yourself on the candidates! How are you supposed to make an informed vote with no information?

Luckily for you, I’m going to share some valuable resources with you.

As of right now, there are two presidential slates officially on the ballot. Whittington-Simms and Neely-Bibiloni. There is the potential for write-in slates to pop up, though.

The Whittington-Simms campaign is all about “unlocking the potential of Iowa State.” Ben Whittington (presidential candidate) is a sophomore in political science. Jocelyn Simms (vice presidential candidate) is a junior studying English.

Their platform points include involvement and inclusion, improving education, transparency, advocacy and safety and accessibility. They have tons more information on their website, so check it out here!

The Neely-Bibiloni campaign aims to “#MoveForwardISU.” Julian Neely (presidential candidate) is a junior in journalism. Juan Bibiloni (vice presidential candidate) is a sophomore in mechanical engineering.

Their platform points include increasing mentorship with freshmen and upperclassmen, increasing student study and social spaces and increasing transparency. Once again, their site has tons more info. Check it out here!

Aside from the websites, there is an awesome article from the Iowa State Daily that explains their platforms in more detail, so click on that here. There will likely be more articles pertaining to elections throughout the month, so check for those regularly.

Aside from the presidential slates, it’s just as important to know who is running for senate positions. If you stop by Student Government’s website, you can see everyone who is officially on the ballot. The candidates have short biographies you can read and learn more about them. Check out the candidates for both your college and your residency. I also urge you to reach out to them and talk to them about issues are important to you.

Social media is a great way to stay connected and engage with the slates, so I’ll leave that information below.

Twitter: Julian & Juan. Ben & Jocelyn. Student Government.

Facebook: Ben & Jocelyn. Julian & Juan. Student Government.

Websites: Student Government. Julian & Juan. Ben & Jocelyn. Iowa State Daily.