Author: Kimberly Crain

Classroom to Careers: Melissa Moy

Melissa, a senior in Biology, used CyHire and LAS Career Services to prepare for the Agriculture and Life Sciences Career Fair. She obtained an internship where she will perform plant-based genetics research with Monsanto.

Classroom to Careers: Sara Schumacher

Sara, a senior in Statistics, used CyHire and LAS Career Services for her internship search. She obtained an internship with Kingland Systems and built on her statistical and communication skills as a Advanced Statistical Analytics Intern.

Classroom to Careers: Seth Selken

Seth, a senior in mathematics, worked with faculty members to prepare for summer research program applications. He was invited to attend the Research Experiences in Mathematics for Undergraduates and Teachers program at California State University in Chico, CA where he further developed his mathematical skills.