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Thankful Ambassadors

As soon as Thanksgiving break hit, the next day it seemed to be already over. Many students went home to their families, and ate to their hearts content. Others went on vacations, ranging from the West Coast to the East Coast and in between. I for one, wish that I could have partook in a … Continue reading Thankful Ambassadors

CATEGORIES: Day in the life

The Best of Both Worlds

Sometimes being a Community Adviser makes and individual feel like Hannah Montana living the best of both worlds as an ordinary student as well as a resource to the community

CATEGORIES: Day in the life

Feeling Fall Semester

It’s weird to think the end of summer is quickly approaching. An even stranger thought is how excited I am for classes to start. Seeing campus relatively quiet for the last 13 weeks has been a fun experience but I’m definitely ready to see it come to life with students again. This summer Iowa State has … Continue reading Feeling Fall Semester